What Are The Advantages Of LED Message Signs?

LED message signs are among one of the most attention-grabbing advertising and communications tools available. Especially if you have a location near a lot of traffic, an LED sign can help you convey messages quickly and efficiently. You may wonder, though, how LED digital message signs measure up against other, more traditional, options. They tend to have the following 6 advantages:


The ability to program your signs is huge. This is especially true for folks who need to regularly announce changes to the public. If you run a restaurant, for example, a programmable sign lets you change the daily special in a matter of seconds.

You also can pre-program messages. If you want to set up seasonal messages. For example, you can write them and leave them in the memory bank until needed. When the right date or time rolls around, the system can trigger the messages without any additional interventions. That's great if you only want a message to appear on Fridays after 4 pm, for example.

Remote Access

Most LED message signs are designed to be remotely accessible. Bad weather doesn't have to be an obstacle, nor does height. You also don't have to keep the sign within walking distance to change it. This opens more possibilities for sign locations.

Changing Messages

The human eye picks up sudden changes easier than subtle ones. If you want your sign to stop being background noise, a change in a message can catch a viewer's attention. People who are bored and are just sitting around are more likely to check the sign simply because it breaks the monotony. It also separates the sign from other static signs that end up forming something of a boring background in cluttered landscapes.

Multiple Messages

A standard sign provides a single message. Even some mechanical systems that rotate static signs can only provide a few messages at a time. With an LED digital message sign, you can cycle through dozens of messages. Likewise, you can time when they appear in the rotation, emphasizing more advertising options than others.

Color Range

Modern LED message signs offer greater color ranges than were once available. While you still find the old models with red text on black background, there are also options advanced enough to display photos and stylized texts.


LED digital message signs operate at very low electrical consumption rates. They're already effectively pre-lit, too. Also, a lot of LEDs have to fail before you'll need to replace them. Thanks to their low electrical needs, they shouldn't overload as much as other kinds of electrical signs.

For more information on LED message signs, talk to a local sign company.

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