5 Things to Consider When Retrofitting Sign Lights

Whether you are retrofitting a sign to newer lighting or lighting up an old sign for the first time, there are several things you must consider. 

1. Choose Efficiency

You will be provided with a few options when it comes to retrofitting sign lights. Skip any incandescent options, as these suck a lot of energy and require more frequent bulb changes. Fluorescent light is more energy efficient, but the bulbs have a shorter lifespan compared to LED and they feature fewer options. LED is the optimum choice for light retrofits, whether you are updating old lighting or installing new, because they provide the best energy efficiency and longevity.

2. Know the Options

Retrofitting options depend on the current lighting on the sign as well as the type of sign. Channeled letter signs and other types with included lighting can often have the fixtures swapped out quite easily for the upgrading lighting type. If your existing sign isn't currently lighted, then you need to decide whether you want exterior lights that shine on the sign, backlights installed behind the lettering of the sign, or some sort of integrated lighting placed inside the sign.

3. Consider Brightness

Brightness is a major aspect of choosing the right lighting. There are two ways to increase brightness. The first is to increase the number of lumens provided by the lights. Check your retrofitting options for that which provides the most lumens available. The other is to increase the number of bulbs used in the retrofit. The more bulbs, the brighter the sign. There is also a third way. If you use exterior lights that shine upon the sign, reflectors behind the bulbs can increase brightness.

4. Add Timers

Timers can help you save money on energy costs as well as reduce maintenance due to hours in operation. If you don't need a sign to remain lighted 24 hours a day, as is the case for most exterior signs in the daytime, a timer installed upon the retrofitted lighting can turn off the lights automatically every day. You can opt for a programmable timer or one that is activated by a sunlight sensor. 

5. Select Programmable Lights

LED lighting opens up the opportunity for other programming options. You can have an existing sign retrofitted with an LED banner that you can program to share different information, such as news about sales. Or, you can have the color of the lights change to reflect the season or a special event.

Contact a sign company, such as Cardinal Sign Corporation, to learn more about your sign light retrofitting options. 

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