What You Should Know About Buying Power Pole Tags

Without a doubt, electricity powers almost everything that we do. Residential, commercial, industrial, and any other sectors that you think of wouldn't be able to exist or thrive without the assistance of electricity. The industry of electrical power holds a value of more than $401 billion right now. While this industry is huge, it wouldn't be anything without its smallest parts. A lot of this infrastructure is set up with a series of power poles that route electricity where it needs to go. Power pole tags are an essential part of these utilities, and they serve a huge purpose. Here are some of the things that you should know about buying power pole tags so that you can use them however you need.

What exactly are power pole tags and what kind of role do they serve?

A power pole tag is a type of metal plate, disc, or other material that identifies your utility pole. Since utility poles today are used for not just electricity, but also fiber optic internet, telephone communications, and other services, they are more important than ever. These poles are engraved or stamped with a code that shows who the pole belongs to, its use, and other variables. Many professionals use power pole tags to show the maintenance and repair history of a power pole so that you can keep accurate records and understand the next steps that need to be done.

How can you order the right power pole tags and use them correctly?

You have to find tags that are not only useful to your power poles, but also in compliance with whatever codes and laws you must follow in your state, city, county, or industry. Depending on where the pole is installed and how you plan to use it, your tags might be beholden to organizations such as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) or local zoning ordinances. Get to know the coding system that you're going to use, such as American National Standards Institute (ANSI) or utility pole identification systems.

Consult with a company that provides pole tags so that you're able to approach the purchase in a way that will take care of all your needs. Many of these tags can be tracked by the geographic information system (GIS) and other technology. Find out how much you'll pay for each tag, and try to get bulk discounts so that you can install them throughout your entire infrastructure.

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