5 Tips For Creating Commercial Real Estate Signage

Commercial real estate signs are targeted at a small group of folks. That means they have to be attention grabbing because you'll never quite guess when the right buyer is looking at a property, and you don't want them to miss the sign. Follow these five tips to create eye-catching signs.

Make Use of Contrast

There is always some sort of background behind a sign, and it's important to ensure the sign will visually pop out from it. If there's a light-colored building in the background, you'll need dark elements on the sign to contrast with it. If there's dark-colored landscaping, then you'll need light signs.

You're probably going to reuse the same style of signage to maintain brand consistency. How do you make the sign work at both types of locations? A good solution is to use a white sign with dark borders or trim. This will make sure the sign stands out in all sorts of contrasting environments.

Spot Color Is Your Friend

It's tempting to go overboard with graphics and photos. However, if you want to make your sign really stand out, it might be better to use one or two very strong colors to grab the viewer's eye. No one ever went wrong using a spot of red, for example. You might have the "For Sale" element in a dark red to emphasize the property's availability.

Keep It Simple

When the right buyer comes along, they're not going to want to digest tons of information at that moment. What they need is an unambiguous signal that the location is for sale. Once they've caught the drift on that tidbit of info, they then need to identify who's selling the property and how to contact them.

Point Buyers to More Information

There are lots of ways to push a prospective buyer toward more information. A website address should be on every sign so potential buyers can quickly look the listing up. QR codes are also handy so people can scan the sign with their phones and check the listing out. If you have a spot where pamphlets can be safely stowed, those can be deployed to provide more information, too.

Maintain Brand Consistency

Whether you're operating a brokerage or selling a property on your own, your commercial real estate signs should perpetuate a consistent brand. The same logos that appear on your other sales and marketing materials should be on the sign so people can quickly draw the connection. Similarly, the color choices for the signs should mirror those you use in other business materials.

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