Custom Signage For Your Shop's Exterior

Wreaths, floormats, sandwich boards, and neon lettering can be used to add a quaint and alluring touch to your home decor business and will not compete with the aesthetics of your building's facade or property. Use some creative ideas to aid you in choosing how you will display each custom advertising material to effectively get your message across to your customers.

Wreaths And Floormats For Seasonal Displays

If you want to promote a festive aura during the holidays or if you would like a message to pertain to a specific season, wreaths and floormats can do the trick and will add some character to the front of your shop. A wreath can be made with all natural materials or you can purchase one that is constructed of faux greens, flowers, and pinecones and that can be used on a consistent basis.

A banner that is displayed across the front of the wreath will provide the finishing touch needed to get your message across. Order floormats that coincide with the wreath and banner styles that will be displayed. For instance if you are going to be promoting rainy day craft kits or some similar projects that can be used to decorate a home, you can use the same message or characters on both the banner and floormat that will be set outside of your business.

Sandwich Boards And Neon Lights For Everyday Usage

When people walk down a sidewalk they are prone to looking in front of them and will be intrigued to read signage that is displayed on a three-dimensional set of boards. Sandwich boards that contain dry erase or chalkboard surfaces will allow you to update your advertising on a daily basis.

If you are promoting a new product line or if your shop is going to be open for extended hours, a sandwich board is a suitable sign type that will alert your customers to your intentions and that may attract the attention of some passerbys who have never stepped inside of your shop before. Purchase a large neon lighted sign that can be suspended over your building. This type of signage will stand out and will help your clients distinguish your business from other ones.

Choose neon light tubes that are complimentary colors and that will shine brightly against your building's facade. Have the signage installed at an elevated height, but not too high, since you will need to dust the light tubes off on occasion and may need to use a cleaning agent and a cloth to remove residue from each light tube.

Have other questions? Want to know more? Try visiting websites that deal specifically with commercial signs to learn about all of your options. Maybe you'll have a stroke of genius that really inspires you and helps attract customers to your business as you learn more.

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