5 Cinema Room Decor Ideas You'll Want To Try

Nothing brings a cinema room to life quite as much as selecting the right decor. Movie room decorations come in lots of varieties, though, and that can make choosing a challenge. Here are 5 ideas that will help you bring a little more style to your cinema room.

Movie-Themed Throw Pillows

Presuming you've opted to have large chairs or a comfy couch in the movie room, you can lean on a classic of general decor. Throw pillows are a great addition to any room, but you can take it to the next level by using movie-themed ones. Mix and match ideas, such as having a pillow that looks like a movie ticket and another that looks like a popcorn bag.


You can put your stamp on the room by purchasing movie posters that reflect your tastes. Not only will they look amazing, but your cinema room decor items will be great conversation starters the next time you have guests over. You can then tell your friends exactly why Dog Day Afternoon is your preferred choice for an Al Pacino poster. For an added level of awesomeness, consider purchasing original pieces rather than reproductions.

Film Equipment

A camera on a stand in the corner of the room can set the tone for the space. Perhaps you'll have half of a ticket booth installed. Another option is to install a full candy counter, allowing guests to grab snacks just like they would at the theater.

Pick a few big items that have wow power rather than littering the space with lots of little stuff. Remember, you want the cinema room decor to instantly read as movie-themed when someone comes into the room. For that goal, there's no such thing as too big or obvious.


You don't necessarily have to install a full marquee, but a few signs can set the mood. For example, the soft glow of a neon exit sign over the door will help build the sensation of being in a theater. There are lots of thematic signs that will be on point, including classics such as "Now Showing" and "Coming Attractions."

Choose an Era

When picking decor items, it's a solid idea to focus on a specific era. The look of a 1930s Golden Age theme is going to be an uncomfortably stark contrast if you have some 1980s-themed movie room decorations in the same area. Consider which era you love the most and narrow in on items that speak to it.

Contact a company that sells cinema room decor for more ideas.

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