Three Ways For A Sports Arena To Use Floor Graphics

Sports arenas use many different types of interior signs to achieve a number of goals. Many signs are navigational in nature, helping to direct fans to specific seating sections, concession stands, and bathrooms. If you oversee a local sports arena for a sports franchise and are constantly looking for ways to improve the fan experience, exploring different types of signage can be valuable. One appealing type of sign is a floor graphic — a sign that sticks to the floor of your venue and provides useful information to your fans. Your local sign company can produce this type of indoor sign for you. Here are three designs to consider for your floor graphics.

Connect On Social Media

It's advantageous to connect with your fans on social media, and you can use your floor graphics to help achieve this goal. One good design for floor graphics to place around your arena is a call for fans to connect with the team in this way. You can work with a custom sign company to produce signs that identify your various social media channels. For example, the sign design can have a header such as "Follow Us" or "Join Us." It can then have the icons of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as your team's handles for each.

Boost Team Spirit

You can also devote some floor graphics to boosting team spirit among your fans. For example, you might have one sign that features your team's slogan for the season. Many teams change their slogans for each new season, so some signs that reinforce this message can encourage fans to start using it. Another option for using signs to elevate team spirit is to use photos of fans cheering. Your marketing department likely has many of these photos, and they can make for exciting graphics around the arena.

Take A Selfie

Another fun idea is to design some floor graphics that encourage your fans to take selfies. Take a walk around your arena when it's not crowded and look for areas that are particularly conducive to selfies. For example, if there are some statues in a certain area, a selfie in front of them may appeal to fans. You can even put together a list of these "selfie-friendly" spots and share them with your fans. For example, you might point out that there are eight such spots around the arena and encourage your fans to find them all. This will especially be popular among younger fans.

To learn more about your options, contact a company that sells indoor signs.

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