Mix Mascots And Banners For Creative Promotional Ideas

A banner can be a great way to get a message out about sales at small businesses. Savvy business owners never miss a chance to market and brand their companies. That's why some choose to trademark a mascot. A friendly looking mascot also helps brand a business. When people see the funny, upbeat mascot, they may feel good about patronizing a business.

If a business owner wants to promote a particular sale, the banner could broadcast the news for all to see. Some might believe the banner sidelines the friendly mascot, though. After all, there could be some difficulties fitting the mascot on the banner. However, the banner's size and shape, combined with the talents of a custom designer, could brilliantly fit the mascot into the mix.

The Rectangle Solution

Most people who shop for cars enter a dealership through the impressive front gates. Many times, the top of the gates feature a rectangular banner tied to it. The banner may boldly proclaim the arrival of new models or a special financing deal. The text on the banner has to appear clear or else the message won't get across. Not much room exists for a mascot, particularly a sizeable one such as a dinosaur. The mascot, however, does not need to take up much space. Maybe the dinosaur can do another job: hold the banner. On either side of the hanging banner, two cutouts of the dino mascot could "hold" the banner. Maybe the presence of the mascots could draw even more attention to the banner.

Wave the Flag of Deals

Mascots connected to humor can be valuable from a marketing perspective. With a car dealership, perhaps putting customers at ease might make them calmer. Concerns about test drives and financing may stress customers, though. So, instead of waving a banner highlighting sales, why not make the flag the dinosaur's tale? Humor, like mascots, has limitations when attempting to get across promotional info. When used right, humor, even in the form of a funny flag banner, might generate results.

Fitting Inside the Square

A banner can also come in a traditional square shape. Maybe put that square in the belly of the dinosaur. Once again, the dino's image draws eyes, and the eyes drift to the text. Big or small in size, the same design concept applies.

Dinosaurs and car dealership represent illustrations designed to give food for creative thought. Entrepreneurs across the small business spectrum can come up with other workable ideas.

To learn more about your options, ask a provider who offers custom signs.

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