Essential Design Elements For An Irish Pub's Sign

When you're opening an Irish pub, you want to ensure that your branding materials give people in the community a clear idea of what type of restaurant you run. The right branding can go a long way toward encouraging people to try out your eatery for an authentic taste of Ireland. When you're working with a custom signage company to develop a sign for the exterior of your building, it's important to think about what design elements support the Irish theme. While the name of your pub may tie in with Ireland, choosing some or all of these design elements for your sign will be critical.


There's no color that shares a deeper link with Ireland than green. Part of the nation's flag is green, and people often call Ireland "The Emerald Isle." While your pub's sign may have a few colors on it, you'll definitely want to ensure that green is a predominant hue. For example, you might choose a white background with green lettering or a green background with white lettering. In either case, people will see the name of your establishment and the abundance of green on your sign and then closely link your establishment with Irish fare.


Another design element that will be important for your Irish pub's exterior sign is a shamrock. The shamrock is the national flower of Ireland, so it's common to see this instantly recognizable shape on plenty of Irish branding. Your sign company can discuss different ways of including shamrock imagery into your sign design. A simple option is to have a shamrock above or below the name of your eatery. Another choice is to have a border of small shamrocks around the perimeter of your sign. If you want to get really creative, a shamrock might work as a replacement for the letter "O" if your restaurant's name has such a letter.

Celtic Font

You'll definitely want to use a Celtic font on your Irish pub's sign. The use of this font further helps to reinforce what type of establishment you operate. There are a number of different fonts that fit this description, so talk to your sign company to see examples. It's important to select a font that is easy for people to read. It's a mistake to choose something that is difficult for people to identify as they pass your location.

The use of these elements can help to create a sign that leaves little doubt about the type of fare that you serve.

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