Retrofitting Your Business's Sign Lights

The sign for your business will be one of the most important parts of your advertising strategy. In order for the sign to be effective in capturing the attention of potential customers, it must be effectively illuminated. For older signs, this may require retrofitting the lighting system that is currently being used.

Why Would A Business Want To Retrofit The Lights On Its Sign?

It may seem like going through the trouble and costs involved with retrofitting a sign's lights would be unnecessary. Yet, this can actually provide you with a number of important benefits for the enterprise. One of the most obvious will be reducing the amount of electricity that the sign needs to be illuminated. This is possible by upgrading the lighting system to one that uses high-capacity LEDs. This will allow for the sign to retain its current level of illumination or even increase it while using less energy. By taking this approach, you can reduce the operating costs of running the sign without having to invest in having it completely redesigned.

What Factors Should You Consider When Retrofitting The Sign's Lighting?

Once you have chosen to retrofit the current sign, there are some things that you will need to consider if you are to maximize the results of this project while minimizing potential complications. An important consideration will be whether the new lighting system will be compatible with the current electrical limits of the sign. If you exceed these limitations, you will potentially cause substantial damage to the sign. In most cases, this is the biggest risk with the retrofitting project is designed to increase the number of light sources. When you are undertaking this type of project, the electrical system for the sign should be tested and evaluated at the start so that you can avoid exceeding its limits.

Will Retrofitting The Sign Lights Be Disruptive To The Business?

A concern that the retrofitting project will be disruptive to the business can be enough to cause some enterprises to avoid this work. In reality, this will rarely be the case as the contractors will typically only need a few hours to perform a basic retrofitting. Furthermore, if the sign is located outdoors, they will not need to spend minimal time indoors to complete the work. For business leaders that are still concerned with disruptions, this work can often be scheduled when the business is closed, but you may have to pay extra for the contractor to work after hours.

To learn more about sign light retrofitting, reach out to a signage company near you.

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