5 Reasons Why Monument Signs Are Perfect For Retirement Communities

Roadside signage is a must for any retirement community or assisted living facility, and not just so your residents and their visitors can find your property; it will also be the first thing prospective residents see when they visit your community, and attractive, clearly visible signage bearing the name of your community can help make a good first impression on potential customers.

Monument signs are ideal for these purposes and are used by retirement communities across the country. These robust, visually striking commercial signs have a number of advantages over other types of outdoor signage, such as pylon sign and marquee signs, that make them a perfect advertisement for retirement communities both large and small.

What are the advantages of choosing monument signage for retirement communities?

Large and clearly visible

Monument signs are truly monumental, and these large, free-standing signs can be clearly seen by residents, visitors, and passing motorists when placed reasonably close to the nearest road or street. Choosing monument signs will help maximize awareness of your retirement community, especially in the local area, and can help you attract significantly more potential residents.

Can be placed almost anywhere

Unlike wall-mounted signs or banners, monument signs are self-supporting, and can, therefore, be placed in almost any location that is reasonably level and free of obstructions. This gives you a great deal of freedom when you are choosing where to place your signs, letting you place them in the most visible locations without the need for supporting structures. Monument signs made from lighter materials, such as armored foam or high-density urethane, can also be installed without the need for supporting concrete foundations.

Wide variety of design choices

Monument signs are endlessly customizable and can be crafted into almost any shape or design you can think of. They can also be made from a wide variety of materials, including attractive architectural materials such as brick, stucco, and poured concrete.

This allows you to create vibrant, highly visible signs that immediately catch attention. It also gives you the option of closely matching the look of your new monument sign to the overarching design and color scheme of your retirement community's architecture, creating a crisp, highly professional appearance.

Compatible with lighting and digital features

If you want to give your retirement community some modern flair, monument signs can be customized to include backlights, time and temperature displays, scrolling LED message boards, and even full-color screens displaying videos and advertisements. These digitized signs are particularly popular with luxury retirement communities.

Durable and long-lasting

Monument signs are also built to last, and even the cheapest signs made from armored foam or plastics are usually extremely durable. Monument signs made from tougher materials can be expected to last for decades with minimal maintenance, especially when designed and constructed by a reputable monument sign installation company.

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